The non-jock’s guide to jocks

You don’t have to be scared of jocks and gyms just because you were a spaz in third grade. Don’t let your childhood trauma or stereotypical assumptions hold you back from being active.

How are you showing up to your life? Nia Shanks and I find out.

My conversation with Nia Shanks about my presentation at the 2015 Women’s Fitness Summit. Topics covered include: How are you showing up to your life? Can you “have it all”? Why should you focus on making your life bigger? What does it mean to be healthy at a deep level? What is “deep health” and how can I get it?

From Academia To Nutrition Coach: Interview with Kociaba Fitness

Bill Kociaba of Kociaba Fitness interviews me about everything from being stumpy, to emotional eating and “binge busting”, to why unwrapped chocolate never lasts, to my journey from researcher to coach.

What You (Probably) Don’t Know About Research with Kamal Patel

Kamal Patel is the Director of, one of the best places to get informed, research-based, expert-approved analysis of supplements and nutritional trends. In this podcast, we talk about research secrets, why media coverage is crap, why most clinical studies don’t apply to you, and what he learned from the client looking for love.

George Beinhorn: The Joyful Athlete

Exercise isn’t a way to get happiness… exercise is the happiness, says George Beinhorn, author of The Joyful Athlete. How joy, optimism, “sensing in” to our own bodies, and expansiveness can improve our wellbeing… *and* improve our athletic performance

38 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing

When I speak to audiences of health, nutrition, and fitness professionals, as well as clients who are in the midst of life changes, I am often struck by how many of them approach the project of making better choices. Often, “better choices” are defined as “not-doing”. As in, Not-doing bad things. Not-doing all that we want […]

What’s your best body fat?

This is probably the most common thing a coach hears from a new client: I want to lose weight. If they’re athletic, or understand the difference between muscle and fat, perhaps that client might say: I want to get leaner. Whether male or female, newbie or veteran, the vast majority of coaching clients — indeed, the […]

Are we “destined to be fat”?

When I look at photos of my extended family, I have to smile. We are peas in a pod — by which I not only mean that we look alike, but also that we tend towards being smaller and rounder. My ancestors on both sides were sturdy, stocky farmers from the rocky British highlands and […]