Rant 69 December 2013: The Winter of Our Content

Having passed through the abundant harvest of my juicy, fruitful celebration of 40, I’m now freezing at the threshold of the dark winter of Coming To Terms With Aging. I never expected this. I always thought I’d sail through this part, barely stepping on the universe’s Life Change Lintel as I breezed through the portal into midlife.

Rant 68 September 2013: 80 Thoughts on 40

I’ve clung with my fingernails to this sticky ball we call Earth for 40 vertigo-inducing trips around the sun. Now, I pass my wisdom on to you.

Rant 67 January 2013: Apocalypse Now

If you lost everything in the apocalypse, how might you end up freer? What would be in the boxes that would be jettisoned? What imaginary authority figure or judge would catch fire and be destroyed? What bullshit could YOU throw out in 2013 to free up some mental health, and why?