Stop being a dick to yourself.

Stop being a dick to yourself.

To most people, “self-love” and “self-care” don’t make a lot of sense. It sounds like some weird sex thing (self-love snicker). Or some woo-woo New Age thing (“Come join our full moon solstice self-love circle”). Possibly also a weird sex thing. Or a spa thing (“Indulge with our diviiiiine self-care facials!”). Or maybe some medicated […]

Your Dreams Are Probably Stupid And Nobody Cares (That’s a Good Thing)

Learn to distinguish child-brain from adult-brain. Get clear about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and where reality will impose natural and necessary limitations on you.

38 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing

When I speak to audiences of health, nutrition, and fitness professionals, as well as clients who are in the midst of life changes, I am often struck by how many of them approach the project of making better choices. Often, “better choices” are defined as “not-doing”. As in, Not-doing bad things. Not-doing all that we want […]

Stop antfucking. Start living.

Miereneuker (Dutch): Antfucker. Korinthenkacker (German): Raisin crapper. Both terms refer to someone who is obsessed with small details, nitpicking, and petty bullshit; yet poignantly is usually ignored or unable to execute anything meaningful as a result. If you’ve opened a magazine, read a newspaper, listened to the radio, watched television, perused a blog, peeked into […]

What is ninja crapping? Is your “solution” actually your problem?

And many more questions answered by me in this fun, fearless, femmechat interview with the excellent Summer Innanen. From Summer’s writeup: In this MUST-LISTEN-TO episode, we talk about: Krista’s unconventional story of disordered eating and how she went from being the girl with glasses who was last in gym class to a leader in fitness […]