Can you disordered-eating-proof your kids?

How do we teach our young girls how to be — how to love their bodies and how to overcome the bullshit that pollutes kids’ minds and behaviours? A letter from Mistress Krista to a concerned mom.

Rant 69 December 2013: The Winter of Our Content

Having passed through the abundant harvest of my juicy, fruitful celebration of 40, I’m now freezing at the threshold of the dark winter of Coming To Terms With Aging. I never expected this. I always thought I’d sail through this part, barely stepping on the universe’s Life Change Lintel as I breezed through the portal into midlife.

How Much Weight Should You Lift?

Beginners often wonder: How much should I lift? How much CAN I lift? The answer is easy: Lift the right weight for YOU. Here’s how to figure it out.

Weight Training for Swimming

Many swimmers don’t combine weight training with swimming. That’s a mistake. If you’re a swimmer, I highly recommend that you support your swimming with some strength and conditioning work. Here’s how.

My New Book: Consumed: A Memoir

Girl meets peanut butter. Girl binges on peanut butter.

Little does girl realize that inside the PB jar is a microcosm of her life.

Written as a first-person memoir, Consumed explores the experience of disordered eating — and the ways in which food both controls and expresses our messy lives.

Rant 68 September 2013: 80 Thoughts on 40

I’ve clung with my fingernails to this sticky ball we call Earth for 40 vertigo-inducing trips around the sun. Now, I pass my wisdom on to you.

Booty Call: Interview with Bret Contreras

Booty Call: Interview with Bret Contreras

Nowhere will you find a more passionate defender of the hip-extending, spine-protecting, pants-holding-up muscle group known as the glutes than Bret Contreras. He’s made it his life’s work to give you an ass that won’t quit. In this interview, I talk to him about pelvic floor dysfunction, low back pain, athletic performance, gender issues in training, and above all — how to get glutes like gravity-defying bowling balls.

Pee All That You Can Pee? How Much Should You Drink?

In the quest for optimal health, it’s easy to go overboard and drown yourself. But urine luck today: Guest author and whiz kid Matt Stone argues in favour of “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” and against over-hydration. Are you peeing your brains out?

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