Training for young ‘uns

Folks who have young daughters (or sons) interested in weight training worry about what they have heard about the ill effects of training too young: stunted growth, injury, impaired development, etc. However, an appropriately designed, monitored, and instructed weight training program is safe for kids.

The bone building workout

As the population ages, osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, is a growing concern. Though osteoporosis is not just a condition that affects older women, they are one of the groups most at risk for it. How to put together a fitness program that will give you bones of titanium!

Punching bag plyometrics

By guest author Big Lee.

This is a personal story of how I created a hybrid training protocol with punching bags to strengthen weak tendons.

Clubbell training

The club is one of humanity’s earliest implements. As it so happens, the club can also make you strong like bool, and it’s fun to whip it around your head and pretend to be Red Sonja.

The clubbell: not just for Snake Whacking Day any more!