Rant 49 September 2008: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

If you are like most people, you are probably a failure, many times over. You have screwed up so many times from birth to this present moment that your cumulative idiocies could pile up to the moon – before themselves breaking away, clumping together, and forming a satellite of their own. But don’t be discouraged!

Rant 48 August 2008: You’re lying to yourself

Hi everybody! It’s OMGBFF A here, and I will be your guest ranter this month. It’s been a busy time in KristaLand, what with her new coaching business and all, so I figured I could buy her some time by talking about myself and providing the August 2008 Rant of the Month.

Rant 47: June 2008 On the good ship Karmapop

Wow. Just wow. I cannot come up with a better word to describe what’s happened since I took my job and shoved it. My karma ship came in like a luxury cruise liner full of buffet tables and inebriated hotties stumbling upon a desert island castaway.

Rant 46 April 2008: Shoveling to nowhere, or, let’s quitz again, like we did last summer

It’s been a hard winter in Toronto. It started earlier than normal with a snowstorm that was like Satan had mated with a canister of liquid nitrogen, and kinda just went from there. It’s now April 6 as I write this, and there are still piles of snow outside, hanging on by their icy little fingernails. So you can’t blame people for getting a little kooky.