Pee All That You Can Pee? How Much Should You Drink?

In the quest for optimal health, it’s easy to go overboard and drown yourself. But urine luck today: Guest author and whiz kid Matt Stone argues in favour of “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” and against over-hydration. Are you peeing your brains out?

Hormones, Homeostasis, and Why You (Probably) Need Carbs

It’s fashionable to watch our carb intake these days. But could you be doing yourself a hormonal disservice by being a carb fascist? In this article, I explore the concept of homeostasis; the role of the stress-survival response in hormonal health, particularly growth hormone (GH); and why most women probably need a carbohydrate intake that’s higher than commonly recommended in low-carb advice.

Sweet Potato Power: An Interview with Ashley Tudor

Ashley Tudor’s ode to the sweet potato encompasses self-experimentation, lessons in hormones, and delicious recipes. I interview Ashley about her book and her sweet potato project.

Fast Times at PPAR-y

Combine the occasional period of not-eating with a healthy diet that aims to reduce inflammation and optimize your body’s natural healing processes, and you might just stave off a cripping disease or two.

Eat quality protein, get lean?

An interesting, albeit small, recent study correlates protein quality to waist size. What is interesting here is that the researchers stipulate “quality protein”. What the heck does that mean? Read on…

The top 5 nutrition mistakes you’re probably making

Female athletes come in all shapes, such as runners, power-lifters fighters, dancers, or women just out there having fun. Yet they all seem to make the same nutrition mistakes. The good news is that if you fix these things, you’re way ahead of the game!

The How To Go Primal cheat sheet

Inspired by reader comments on How To Go Primal (without really trying), I’ve created a handy HTGP cheat sheet that lays out the options for three types of diets (and by diet, I mean eating routine, not Slimfast).

The premise here is that there are three very general types of categories of diets, based on human technological and cultural changes.

How to dump sugar… for good

If you are a “sugar fiend” you are not a bad or weak person. Processed sugar is simply a drug that’s stronger than you. Got a sugar monkey on your back that you’re ready to kick? Here’s how to spend 3 weeks of worthwhile hell for a life of freedom.