Your Dreams Are Probably Stupid And Nobody Cares (That’s a Good Thing)

Learn to distinguish child-brain from adult-brain. Get clear about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and where reality will impose natural and necessary limitations on you.

38 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing

When I speak to audiences of health, nutrition, and fitness professionals, as well as clients who are in the midst of life changes, I am often struck by how many of them approach the project of making better choices. Often, “better choices” are defined as “not-doing”. As in, Not-doing bad things. Not-doing all that we want […]

What is ninja crapping? Is your “solution” actually your problem?

And many more questions answered by me in this fun, fearless, femmechat interview with the excellent Summer Innanen. From Summer’s writeup: In this MUST-LISTEN-TO episode, we talk about: Krista’s unconventional story of disordered eating and how she went from being the girl with glasses who was last in gym class to a leader in fitness […]

Can you disordered-eating-proof your kids?

How do we teach our young girls how to be — how to love their bodies and how to overcome the bullshit that pollutes kids’ minds and behaviours? A letter from Mistress Krista to a concerned mom.

Interview with Gillian Mounsey

Building true strength and self-compassion broadens our horizons, instead of constricting them. This was strength athlete Gillian Mounsey’s journey, which she courageously shared on her blog, and the Starting Strength site. By turns painful, honest, and brave, it’s a must-read for any female athlete who wonders whether she is alone in the madness of performance-pushing and body angst.

Everything you need to know, right here

I posted this as a comment response elsewhere but I think it bears mentioning here too. Folks are always asking me, “I want to do X but also Y and Z and it’s not working and I’m getting discouraged.”

Here’s my answer: Throw all that shit out.

“Gain muscle” and “lose X lbs” and “run a marathon” and “do a million pullups” are all great goals but if you’re an average person who just wants to feel, look, and perform a bit better, it doesn’t fucking matter because you need to get into better overall shape and eat better, period. I guarantee it.

Throw all that detail shit out. Stop reading the goddamned interwebs and magazines. (Except me.) Stop distracting yourself with crap.

Then focus on this ONE goal…

Why don’t you look like a fitness model?

Some people start fitness programs hoping to look like “perfection”. Some people quit fitness programs because they don’t achieve “perfection”. What is this so-called ideal, and how relevant should it be to our goals?

Fat OR fit? Fat AND fit? Part 2: What’s “fit”? What’s “natural”?

Fitness is a quality that is context-dependent. Our notion of fitness (thanks to the work of Kenneth Cooper, father of the modern aerobic movement) is the marathon runner, the endurance athlete who is ultra lean, purged of any mass which is not directly responsible for propelling the body forward. “Fitness models” proliferate in the popular […]