Rant 62 January 2012: Goooooaaalllls!!

When did we all become so obsessed with producing stuff? Do I really want to be able to make more stuff, faster? I thought I left that shit behind in academia when I got off the Publication Purgatory treadmill. This year, do LESS.

Rant 61 April 2011: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner: Confessions of a Feminist Nutritionist

Today I want to talk about change and transition. I want to talk about the lived realities of our bodies. I want to talk about pain. I want to talk about the ways in which self-transformation and working towards deep health are social justice projects.

Rant 59 September 2010: I’m Not Old; I’m 37

In nearly four decades, it has never rained on my birthday. As I write this on Sept 4, 2010 (mark your calendars for next year — Mistress loves presents!), my 37th birthday, it is raining.

The only inevitability in natural systems is change.

Rant 58 June 2010: Hot for Teachers

Here I was, Dr. Krista, gentle creator and longtime tender of Stumptuous.com, coach to hundreds of women as part of the Lean Eating program, emailing my buddy Kyle to ask — really sort of beg — him to check whether I was eating my spinach. What’s up with this?

Rant 57 May 2010: What’s Eating You?

Once upon a time there was a magical land. The inhabitants of this land were lean and sculpted. These divine citizens wore hot pants Rollerblading and tiny swimsuits to do their laundry, and lo, it was good. There was only one problem with this magical land.

It was complete. And utter. BULLSHIT.

Rant 56 April 2010: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Ask yourself: Do I even know what the hell “OK” looks like? Or am I drowing in fear, worry, anxiety, and “shoulds”? Let’s say you get those abs or that bench press. Let’s say that magical number appears. Then what?
Are you going to be happier than some nutty guy with a ukelele and 9 small dogs in grass skirts?

Rant 54 December 2009: Haven’t been there/done that, have an opinion anyway

For those of you living south of 60 degrees latitude (or not in Churchill, Manitoba), polar bears may look cute and friendly, like in the Coke commercials, but they most certainly are not. They are generally grumpy, hungry creatures who think people are basically upright cocktail weenies. If you think bears are cuddly pets, you’re probably the kind of person who would own a face-eating chimp. Why armchair quarterbacks suck, and why difficulty brings growth.