Rant 3 September 2002: Time, you thief

People talk a lot about time. They have time, need time, waste time, wish there was more time in a day, and so on. As a result we live in a physical time frame which cheats us from fully experiencing our bodies. We deny them what they need and give them what they don’t want. Our goal, then, is to live more fully in our physical present, in the here and now.

What can you do for your body right now?

Rant 2 July 2002: Time to grow up

It’s a lazy Sunday and I’m eating lunch, flipping thru TV channels. I stop on an infomercial for Pilates. As usual it promises all sorts of things: “longer, leaner muscles” (shyeah right), dropping dress sizes (fine print: if you follow their “suggested eating plan”), better posture (this, at least, is plausible), etc. But the part that makes my jaw drop and bits of tuna dribble down my chin is the chat with the Spokesmodel Du Jour…

Rant 1 June 2002: Snip snip

So I’m sitting there in my jammies with a nice cuppa joe on Saturday morning, reading the paper, when I come across this article. It discusses the rise in plastic surgery among young women. Young white girls are getting their eyes done to look more “catlike”. Young girls of Asian descent are getting their eyes done to look more white. And everyone is getting new noses and tits. What the hell?