Rant 43 October 2007: Stumptuous versus Stumptuous!

Last summer, I signed up for a few Brazilian jiu-jitsu lessons. I shrimped a little, I triangled a little, I choked out the occasional unsuspecting newbie with my only, poorly executed move, and then work got crazy so I let it drop. This summer, I got crazy and dropped work instead. In July I returned to my peeps at Kimonogirl, an all-female BJJ group. They welcomed me with locked arms. Thus began my Summer O’ Beatdowns.

Rant 41 July 2007: Walk the walk

I’m not just the President of Hair Club for Men. I’m also a client.

In a world where life is uncertain, people like to have someplace to hang their hat. Having such an existential headwear receptacle kinda takes the edge off the sense that at all times we are standing on the edge of the abyss as the ground crumbles beneath our toes. For most of us with busy lives, we’re pretty much one crisis away from totally losing our shit.

Rant 39 April 2007: Kids these days

I’ve been teaching university undergraduates for nearly ten years now. (I shudder to type that.) Lately, it’s struck me that the kids these days seem a little bit… different… than I remember. They’re tense, depressed, worried about the world and their place in it, and riddled with mental and physical ailments. Oh sure, there was always that one Lisa Simpson keener who’d flip out if they got a B+, but in the last couple of years I seem to have noticed the vibe changing.

Rant 38 January 2007: No perfect workout

By guest ranter Gus Sonnenberg

About a year ago I asked Krista to help me find the “perfect” workout. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Well duh there’s no such thing.” Unfortunately, I’m not as smart as you are, so I went looking for one anyway. Krista, clearly recognizing that I needed to figure it out on my own, kindly referred me to some good resources and sent me on my way. This is the story of my search. I offer it to you during this season of resolutions. Keep it in mind as you set your goal for 2007.

Rant 37 December 2006: Season’s grating

It’s considered deeply gauche and “PC” to express a dislike for the holiday season. And I confess, there are indeed chestnuts roasting on my open fire — my gas range anyway. I love the seasonal food and getting together with my loved ones over a bottle of wine and a good meal. I’ve just made (and eaten half of) a batch of truffles.

Yeah, I’ll be hitting up the nutritional atonement plan just like everyone else in January — my god, I’m only human and premenstrual to boot! Stay out of my way unless you want your fingers bitten off!

Rant 36 November 2006: Exercise and chronic fatigue syndrome

This month’s piece is written by my younger sister Kayla (aka Killer Kayla). Kayla got pretty much all the athletic genes in the family. Until her early 20s, she excelled at figure skating, dance, cheerleading, lacrosse, swimming, kickboxing, and just about every other physical activity she attempted. In 2004 she became mysteriously sick, with what was later revealed to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This past month, she ran her first 10k, and she is an ongoing inspiration to me. Here’s her story.

Rant 35 September 2006: Thanks for the hospitality

I’ve been spending a lot of time in hospitals lately. First, a close friend of mine was having elective surgery. One week after I returned home from caring for her, my aunt and her husband were in a terrible car accident. My aunt’s husband was killed, and my aunt just finished having surgeons fuse an assortment of wires and plates to her bones, in order to repair her hand and two smashed ankles. When she was airlifted to Toronto, I returned to pace the hospital corridors with a sense of familiarity…

Rant 34 July 2006: But out

First, the exciting news: I am happy to announce a new Gym That Does Not Suck in Toronto! The Toronto Newsgirls, under the able direction of coach Savoy Howe, hope to go solo with an all-female boxing gym September 1! I hope to participate in directing a strength and conditioning component, so stay tuned for updates…