David Kessler, The End of Overeating

It’s tempting to think that overeating and its symptomatic consequences — obesity, chronic diseases, etc. — represent a failure of individual will. But is it really that easy? Are we all just moral weaklings? Lazy? Stupid? David Kessler explores.

Dan John, Never Let Go

To every teacher who’s demotivated a student, every anal-retentive bodybuilder-by-numbers who worries about fluffing up their “upper biceps”, every gym salesperson personal trainer who can’t teach the foundational lifts, every sports science egghead who can’t apply their own concepts to make people actually better, and every sucky coach who can play well but can’t communicate the basic skills that athletes need, I say: Follow the gospel of Dan John and learn ye the error of your ways.

Jorg Blech, Healing Through Exercise

News flash: exercise is good for you.

Sure, we all know it.

But do you know why?

And do you know the many hows? Judging from a lot of traditional medical advice, most folks have failed to appreciate the plethora of ways in which exercise can treat, heal, and even cure. Bed rest is commonly prescribed, particularly for older people. Yet according to Blech, this is likely the worst advice someone can receive!

Product review: NURU cards

People often ask me about printing up my website pages so they can take them to the gym. It’s not a bad solution, and it beats hauling your laptop to the squat rack and asking the floor staff if you can set up a wireless router. But what if there were an easier way to quickly –and portably — reference exercise tips and pics?

Staying motivated

Usually the secret to us doing something is that we want to get it done. So we’re “too busy” to scrub out the toilets or balance our chequebooks but never too busy to read the comics. It’s a question of where we choose to direct our efforts. Here are some tips to help get your butt into the gym. None of these are lazy-proof, since it only works if YOU want to do it anyway. But hey, they can’t hurt.

Baby Bells: Fit Pregnancy Workout with (Optional) Kettlebells

“Having experienced the joys of being pregnant three times over for a total of 839 days (who’s counting), it’s clear just from watching Lauren Brooks’ latest DVD, Baby Bells: Fit Pregnancy Workout With (Optional) Kettlebells that it would have been a great addition to my training regimen as I aimed to stay fit and strong as each of my babies grew…”

Reviewed by guest author Erin Weiss-Trainor


So, you’ve gotten the ball rolling and have tried your best to follow my advice, but dangnabit, you’re just not seeing the results you want. Or perhaps you feel like you’re doing something all wrong. Don’t be embarrassed about it! Most beginners, by virtue of being beginners, have trouble with one thing or another. I’ve screwed up in just about every way there is.