Run Like a Girl: Interview with Mina Samuels

“This book is about women, sports, and happiness…about the courage it takes to challenge ourselves in how we live our lives.” —Mina Samuels

Party Like It’s 1899: Physical Culture Interview with Craig Staufenberg

In his book How to Live: A Manual of Sensible Physical Culture, Craig Staufenberg explores the history and development of “physical culture” — a loosely organized movement of deep immersion in the pursuit of health, strength, and top physical performance. Here, Staufenberg shares his thoughts on physical culture and why it’s still important today.

Review: Everyday Paleo

A mother of three children ranging from 3 to 15, Fragoso created as a way to keep herself accountable, to try out new recipes, and to build a community of Paleo-style eaters trying to figure out how to implement this way of eating into their (imperfect) daily routines.

The Paleo Solution podcast

It’s understandable to yearn for the good old days when food was anything you smacked in the head or nibbled from a tree branch. Understandable… and luckily, says researcher Robb Wolf, a pretty smart idea.

Change Your Body, Change the World: The “Exuberant Animal” Podcast

“Exuberant animal” is one of the best phrases I have ever heard to sum up a holistic approach to movement and wellness. And in Frank Forencich’s new book Change Your Body, Change The World, the exuberant animal is us.

New Rules of Lifting for Women and podcast with Cassandra Forsythe

If there’s a woman in your life who’s considering weight training (or a man in your life who trains women), The New Rules of Lifting for Women is an excellent introduction to the field of women and weight training.

NROL is written by a kickass trifecta of three major names in the business, including women’s nutrition and fitness expert Cassandra Forsythe. I review her book and chat with her for nearly an hour about women’s strength training, working out while pregnant, the dirty little secret of disordered eating in the fitness biz, and lots of other good stuff.

Dan John DVDs and podcast

In the world of slick yet content-free fitness video production these DVDs stand out as a breath of fresh air and the voice of reason, just like Dan himself.

The Female Body Breakthrough

As an oldest sister myself, I always wanted someone to look up to — someone who’d tell me the real deal about men, women, periods, getting into shape, being my own best friend, and how to dress myself. She’d be compassionate and encouraging, but honest. She wouldn’t let me get away with BS, but she’d always be in my corner. Strength trainer Rachel Cosgrove is that woman to her clients.

The Vegetarian Myth

Conscious eaters ask themselves how to eat ethically. Or how to live in good health. Or how to care for the environment. Lierre Keith has tackled all of these questions throughout her life. Like many people, she assumed that being vegan was a good way to implement her desire to care for her health, animals, and the environment. She diligently followed a vegan lifestyle for two decades. Then, she writes, her body gave out. Wracked with pain from a degenerative spinal condition; with insulin whiplash; with depression and cognitive problems; and with plain old hunger — all of which, she says, were caused by twenty years of self-imposed malnutrtition in the name of ethical eating — she knew she had to change.