My New Book: Consumed: A Memoir

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Girl meets peanut butter. Girl binges on peanut butter.

Little does girl realize that inside the PB jar is a microcosm of her life.

Written as a first-person memoir, Consumed explores the experience of disordered eating — and the ways in which food both controls and expresses our messy lives.

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When we meet our protagonist, she’s spoon-deep in a tub of peanut butter, trying to slather over her failed academic job, her sense of futility, and her family history.

And yet, like the peanut butter sticks to the roof of our mouths, we can’t escape our feelings, failures, nor fucked-up families. We have to swallow and digest them.

Bears! Guns! Hams thrown through walls! The best way to hide fishloaf! Learning what the hell fishloaf is!
Turd Soup! Getting high with dad! The cancer game! Explosive diarrhea! Communist sympathizers and possible Nazis!

All this and more! Consumed is a salty, chunky, gunky, spreadable, edible feed-trough of delicious, dysfunctional goodness!

Available in a PDF, perfect for lazy self-indulgent moments with your Kindle device or iPad. You’ll get regular and large-text version in one order, so even if you’re a four-eyes like me, you can enjoy this.

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Reader reviews

“Intense and well crafted writing.”

“So beautiful.”

“Hauntingly witty.”

“Like a conversation with an entertaining drunk.”