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Stumptuous Podcast
What You (Probably) Don’t Know About Research with Kamal Patel



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Kamal Patel is the Director of, one of the best places to get informed, research-based, expert-approved analysis of supplements and nutritional trends.

He’s an experienced researcher who oversees a massive public information project that brings science to the people with publications like the Examine Research Digest and Supplement Reference.

Kamal is the guy you corner at cocktail parties and grill with questions like: Will turmeric cure Alzheimers? How much protein do you need? What is this [insert Supplement X] I hear so much about? Is kale juice good?

He’ll even be nice about it, and give you an intelligent answer (before he creates a distraction so he can run away and hide by the cheese puffs).

Some topics we cover:

  • Why it’s so hard to get clear conclusions from nutrition research
  • What clinical scientists can learn from sociology
  • Can we answer the question “Are eggs healthy?”
  • The absence of women in clinical research
  • Why most research doesn’t apply to you
  • How one man’s quest for love and self-acceptance cost Kamal a training client (but how it all worked out in the end)
  • If you’re a coach: How to talk about research with your clients
  • What affects chronic pain (and what Kamal learned from watching Dr. House)

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