Resolution Rehab: Screw The Scale—Get Me A Barbell

Now this is the kind of resolution I like to hear about. Dana McMahan vows to focus on weight in a good way — i.e. how much she can put on the bar.

“To reach my lifting goals I have to believe in myself, which feels the polar opposite of setting a weight loss goal…

The new me, the one that can squat 200 pounds, comes with a bonus that the post-weight-loss-goal skinny me didn’t come with: an unshakable conviction that I can make anything happen. While I surely feel strong and powerful because I can take on 200 pounds and win, my real strength and power lie in knowing that I can overcome fear and accomplish a serious goal. If I can do that, what can’t I do?”

YEAH BUDDY! Read the rest here.

Run Like a Girl: Interview with Mina Samuels

“This book is about women, sports, and happiness…about the courage it takes to challenge ourselves in how we live our lives.” —Mina Samuels

A Couple Good Reasons (and One Bad One) to Drag Your Crippled Ass to the Gym

It can be hard to remember because your illness or disability sometimes feels like your body’s defining characteristic, but remember that your body is, in the ways that matter, the same a everybody else’s. It wants to move, to act with purpose and focus and silliness and joy. Your body does not care that it can’t do the same things other bodies can, or that it moves differently, or that other people might think it looks weird – it just wants to do what it can do, whatever that may be. What’s different about you is not nearly so important as what’s the same. Your body, just like everybody else’s body, wants to be used. Use it.

Dangerous and stupid, wants money

Stumptuous reader Martha Stallman, once featured as a Stumptuous Fitness Model, has an inspiring story. Struggling with her weight, diagnosed with MS, she was told she might as well give up and hang out in God’s waiting room for the next several decades.

She flipped fat and fate the bird, and went on to kick some serious ass.

Now she’s running the Warrior Dash to support a local food bank.

Check out her story, and if you’re as inspired by it as I am, send a few shekels to the food bank, support Martha in the general project of being awesome, and help stamp out hunger.

As she writes:

“Over the course of my illness I have: gone deaf, lost the use of my hand, lost the ability to swallow, gone blind, been paralyzed on one side of my body, been paralyzed from the waist down, suffered various obnoxious physical indignities both large and small. I come back every time, slower and clumsier and more pissed off, but back nonetheless… But I’m lucky as hell… A lot of folks aren’t as lucky. MOST folks aren’t as lucky.”

Kick ass, Martha!

Can Felicity Aston conquer Antarctica?

Felicity Aston is a 33-year old British explorer. For the last decade she has been planning and leading expeditions to the coldest regions of the planet.

Now, she’s about to embark on a landmark expedition and a world first: a 1700 km (1056 mile), 70-day ski journey. If she makes it, she’ll hold the record for the longest solo journey made by a woman in the Polar Regions; and the first woman in history to cross Antarctica alone.

Is intermittent fasting for me?

Many folks have already asked me if intermittent fasting is right for them. It’s a great question. Here’s a brief exploration of that from the new IF e-book.

Couple of key points:


If you decide you’d like to try IF, there’s no rush. Pick one small thing to try, even if that’s just adjusting regular mealtimes by an hour. Try it. See how it goes.


Sometimes you eat. Sometimes you don’t. That pretty much sums it up.

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Synthetic Primal: Stone Age Fitness in the 21st Century

Unless you’ve been living in a cave recently — or perhaps because you’ve been living in a cave recently — you’ve probably heard of the concept of “Paleo” or “primal” fitness.

First impression: Hey, that sounds pretty cool. Hardcore. Screw the Globo gym! It’s time to eat meat and bash things with rocks! Yeah!

Second impression: Um… how do I actually do this primal fitness thing? That’s where Mistress K comes in. Check it out on!