What’s the problem with wheat?

This is one of the best Robb Wolf podcasts I’ve ever heard. It’s an incredibly in-depth conversation with the author of Wheat Belly.

One thing that makes Davis’ voice unique in this milieu is that he’s not a “health nut” — he was trained as a cardiologist. It seems that cardiothoracic surgeons are really getting the connection between systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, disrupted cell signaling, and the reactive proteins (as well as the endocannabinoids) in wheat.

They see the evidence of dietary changes in real time and space, and their metrics are fairly non-negotiable: Does someone have giant fatty chunks in their arteries or not? Does someone clutch their chest and keel over or not? Does someone have X or Y particle or chemical circulating or not?

In Davis’ case, he stumbled across the wheat – cardiovascular disease connection by accident. Noticing that whole wheat bread raised blood sugar significantly, he asked his heart patients simply to remove wheat. Not change their diets. Not go “low carb”. Just take out the wheat.

Results: Vastly, measurably improved health indicators, fat loss, and surprise health bonuses such as decreased asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, etc.

In this podcast, Davis and Wolf explain — in clear, accessible language that nevertheless educates and informs — what the big friggin deal is with wheat, and why we “health nuts” seem to feel the need to pry bread out of everyone’s hands.

(Yes, yes, I weep for bread too. It was a great loss to me, but my bowels sure as hell don’t miss it.)

If you listen to no other Robb Wolf podcast (well, maybe the interview with me is cool too), listen to this one.