Dangerous and stupid, wants money

Stumptuous reader Martha Stallman, once featured as a Stumptuous Fitness Model, has an inspiring story. Struggling with her weight, diagnosed with MS, she was told she might as well give up and hang out in God’s waiting room for the next several decades.

She flipped fat and fate the bird, and went on to kick some serious ass.

Now she’s running the Warrior Dash to support a local food bank.

Check out her story, and if you’re as inspired by it as I am, send a few shekels to the food bank, support Martha in the general project of being awesome, and help stamp out hunger.

As she writes:

“Over the course of my illness I have: gone deaf, lost the use of my hand, lost the ability to swallow, gone blind, been paralyzed on one side of my body, been paralyzed from the waist down, suffered various obnoxious physical indignities both large and small. I come back every time, slower and clumsier and more pissed off, but back nonetheless… But I’m lucky as hell… A lot of folks aren’t as lucky. MOST folks aren’t as lucky.”

Kick ass, Martha!