Kickin’ it Bang Fitness style

Geoff has posted a description of his goals for my program in the Bang Fitness blog. Check it oot. My second strength day is today and my forearms are shot from the grip work on Tuesday. What misery awaits at Bang Fitness? I’ll let you know. Also, as part of my recovery, I’ve found my […]

Fasting day

After having my ass kicked by Geoff last night (his choice implements of destruction were front squats, one-handed barbell rows and some wacked out crunches with my core contracted), I have embarked on my first fast of the cycle. Between 10pm last night and 10pm tonight my entire food for the day consists of 3L […]

Day 1: Pretty much like Day 0, except with soaking bath

Today John informed me that, due to my high volume of training in this program, it will be critical for me to focus on my rest and recovery. He prescribed a nightly care and feeding of the parasympathetic nervous system using techniques like a long, hot bath with candles and music. Best. Training program. Ever.

Three new blue belts!

As Mistress Krista has mentioned, we are in California this week at Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training Academy for the first ever Women’s Grappling Camp. Congratulations to my friends Leah, Christine and Doris, who received their blue belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Felicia yesterday. The promotions were well deserved and a long time coming. I […]

US Grappling Women’s Pro divison

Last weekend I was given the opportunity to compete as part of a four-woman pro bracket. There were three purple belts (Hillary Williams, Shavonne Guthrie, Jennie Radovsky) and me. I did okay, I suppose: I lost my first match on an advantage to Hillary, and I lost the third-place match 3-0 against Shavonne. I was supposed to be in California this weekend at the world championships, but I decided not to go. I’m not feeling good about my jiu-jitsu.

Who I am

I thought I would start this blog on Krista’s site so I can share what it is like to be an athlete, and specifically an athlete who is training at Kamp Krusty. (Get it? Krista? Krusty? Kamp? Simpsons reference? Ha ha! Man, you guys are the worst audience ever.)

I plan to blog occasionally about my training and competition journey. I was preparing to write my first entry, but it occurred to me that I should tell you a bit about who I am.