Kickin’ it Bang Fitness style

Geoff has posted a description of his goals for my program in the Bang Fitness blog. Check it oot.

My second strength day is today and my forearms are shot from the grip work on Tuesday. What misery awaits at Bang Fitness? I’ll let you know.

Also, as part of my recovery, I’ve found my new manual therapist. Damian at the King and Yonge Athlete’s Care worked on me for an hour after work yesterday. I can recommend him for anybody who lives in Toronto… except I would appreciate it if you don’t swarm him, because I need to have my own time in his schedule. I’ll fight ya for it!

Yesterday’s fast was totally manageable, except I didn’t sleep particularly well – I managed about five hours of good sleep, and seven hours total. I’m going to see if I can make up the difference tonight after training. Today is a moderate caloric intake day – pretty low carb, which can affect my sleep. I see melatonin in my future….