What is ninja crapping? Is your “solution” actually your problem?

And many more questions answered by me in this fun, fearless, femmechat interview with the excellent Summer Innanen.

From Summer’s writeup:

In this MUST-LISTEN-TO episode, we talk about:

  • Krista’s unconventional story of disordered eating and how she went from being the girl with glasses who was last in gym class to a leader in fitness and nutrition training.
  • Why the demands on women and need to self-regulate are causing more women to develop disordered eating later in life.
  • How you can tell if your ‘healthy’ habits are starting to become destructive and whether you are addicted to self-help.
  • Why “the solution is your problem” and why it’s so hard to give up control.
  • Why “coming to terms with your body is a form of ninja-crapping” and doesn’t mean that you accept yourself.
  • How our cravings for approval don’t feed us.
  • Two things you can do right now to accept your body (hint: these were things that I had not thought of!).