Yoga instructor still going strong at 83

yogi-bette-calmanYoga instructor Bette Calman may be 83, but she is still bending over backwards to spread the benefits of the ancient Indian system.

With 40 years of teaching under her belt, the Williamstown wonder is living proof that a lifetime’s dedication to the healthy pursuit can keep you nimble.

While others her age complain about aches and pains, Mrs Calman focuses on getting tough manoeuvres right.

“I’m proof that if you keep at it, you’ll get there. I can do more now than I could 50 years ago,” Mrs Calman said.

So when will she give it up?

“You’re never too old. The body is a remarkable instrument. It can stretch and stretch, and get better all the time. Forget age.

“Even a basic posture, or just going to a window and breathing deeply, can have big benefits…”

She teaches up to 11 classes a week with no sign of stopping.

“Never have I gone to a yoga class and wished I was somewhere else, because I know I’m going to come out feeling on the top of the world. There’ll always be yoga.”

From the Herald Sun – check out the full article for a video

One of the best pieces of advice from Calman in the video: “You don’t have to be good, you just have to try.”