Va. Man, 107, Finds Blessings And Burdens In Longevity

From the Washington Post:

Ask Larry Haubner for the secret to living 107 years, and the Fredericksburg man flexes his biceps, flashes a mostly toothless smile and growls. “Nutrition!” he bellows. “Exercise! I think we should all exercise more than we do.”

Haubner, who was born June 14, 1902, is blue-eyed and bald and answers to the nickname “Curly.” He lived alone in a Fredericksburg apartment until he was 102. Locals knew him as the older fellow often seen cycling around town. But in 2004, he fell off his bike and was taken to a hospital.

Haubner’s room is spare, furnished mostly with donations. A recliner is flanked by ancient exercise equipment, including a homemade weight — an eight-kilogram lead ball inside a basket — that he lifts at least 20 times a day. “That’s what I do. If you want to do it,” he cautioned a visitor, “start with five times.”