Update from Katie

Reader Katie M is featured on our reader mail page here. She’s been busy recently. Here’s the email she just sent:

Hi Krista,

I want to give you a progress update on me. Years ago, you taught me to do a pull up. A real, big-girl pull up. I felt invincible, like I could take on the world. It was a major life changer because I was always the last girl to be picked for teams in PE class in school. I was an uncoordinated nerd.

So, in the natural progression of things, I began powerlifting. My last meet — yesterday — I got a 340-lb. squat, 175-lb. bench press and 300-lb. deadlift. I’m in the 132-lb. weight class (between 123 and 132 lbs.).

I just like to keep you in the loop since you started this insanity. Here’s the video:

The squat is ugly because the guy running the monolift (the contraction that holds the squat bar) wasn’t paying attention, but the lift was still good, so no harm. And I need to work on the rounded back on my deadlift. Still, not shabby for a nerd, I think.

Thank you for everything,