Well, there’s a fair bit of stuff to talk about. First of all, those who delight in physical humour will love this story. During my very first rep of medicine ball smashes for my conditioning circuit last night, I chose my medicine ball poorly and gave myself a fat lip when the ball bounced up and smashed me in the mouth. I immediately replaced it with a squishier ball with a less enthusiastic rebound, but the damage was done. Also, I smashed myself in the shin with a sledgehammer this morning. Maybe I should take up knitting.

I seem to be stalled with weight loss right now. I’m getting leaner but not losing mass – people are commenting on how ripped I’m looking (well, compared to how I looked a month ago, I guess) but the scale just isn’t moving. I’m stuck right around 150 and I really need to be 140-ish in the next six weeks so I can cut water weight to 132. The “keep the lean mass” aspect of JB’s nutrition plan is working remarkably well – I’ve lost 90% fat and 10% lean mass.

Because I’m stalled, John, Mark and Geoff have tweaked my training program a bit, and we’ve increased the intensity of my grappling sessions so that there’s a lot more live drilling with multiple opponents. I haven’t weighed myself yet–I’ve decided to only do that every Saturday morning–but if I’m still not down in weight then we’re going to change my nutrition a bit, too. Right now I’m about 16% body fat (probably less, actually; I just haven’t measured), which means I have 126-ish lbs of lean mass. If I keep up my current proportion of LBM/fat loss (9:1), at 140 lbs I will be 10% bodyfat, which could be too low. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next week or two.

Geoff’s dropped some strength work, replacing it with energy system training more targeted at fat loss, and changed the remaining strength work to be more for maintaining rather than increasing strength. I don’t pretend to know what goes on in that crazy head of his, so he can comment if he wants to provide more info. I know he’s reading. 🙂

This morning Krista and I did one of her conditioning workouts because nobody showed up to the morning conditioning class I’m teaching. By the way, if you’re in Toronto and want me to kick your ass on Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:30am, go to the Bang Fitness site and sign up for a pass. You can use PayPal and everything!) I then spent a few hours at the Starbucks doing some programming for my job, and met up with Mark to work my takedowns and takedown defense. After that, I did 15 rounds of hard, intense grappling with Geoff and Lachlan, another of my training partners. We did one minute on, one minute off, and they alternated with each other: I’d roll with Lachlan for one minute, get a minute rest, roll with Geoff for a minute, get a rest, roll with Lachlan for a minute, etc. It was intended to be more of a conditioning workout, but it did give me the opportunity to play with some stuff that Mark and I had worked on. I got heel hooked by Lachlan twice. Booya.

I’m exhausted and wanted to take a nap when I got home, but I’m still wound up from training and so–apart from writing this entry–I’m going to try to get some more work done before Mark and I have to get on the road for the UFC and Scott Epstein’s seminar at 10th Planet Montreal.