Think you’re badass? Try the Metro Dash

Metro Dash was created by former Navy SEALs with a passion for fitness. After years in the military, the team became involved in various endurance competitions and races. They discovered that they couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for: a creative, intense, urban course (check it out! there’s some crazy shit there!) that can challenge all fitness levels.

The team, all business school graduates, founded Frawgstomp, an urban athletics promo company. Metro Dash is the company’s premier event.

The Metro Dash course reflects the team’s strong military background with an emphasis on “functional training,” which is a back-to-basics approach that incorporates flexibility, balance, strength, power, speed and endurance drills.

Metro Dash provides measurable competition for anyone training using functional-based training techniques.

Metro Dash is the only race that offers a level-playing field for athletes who want a solid gauge of the effectiveness
of their training.

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