Sweating the soft stuff

Hot on the heels of my Pathology on Parade post comes a delightful antidote: Sweating the Soft Stuff, from Rannoch Donnald across the pond.

For a very long time I felt that physical activity had to be accompanied by blood, sweat and tears. Mine, or someone else’s at least. Surely that was the endgame, to push yourself to puking point and then stand back and admire the results. An obsession with PRs, goals and constant progress cannot be consistently sustained, we simply become victim to our expectations. What starts as a healthy, vibrant pursuit can turn into an activity we dread and find ways to avoid…

Don’t leave it too late to get to grips with your inherent mobility and freedom to move. We become so bound up, between endless repetitions and sitting hunched over computer screens. If you are not free to move you are not free to explore. We are multi dimensional human beings and our practice should reflect that.

Go read the rest — it’ll make you want to go for a playful skip in the spring sunshine.