Spezzatino Vol 9, and looking for writers

Gentle food loving peeps: I’ve just published another issue of my baby, Spezzatino! This one is all about garlic. Check it out!

Spezzatino supports the Healthy Food Bank foundation, a charity devoted to raising money to buy healthy food for food banks. Spezzatino is the food magazine that really feeds people… one ingredient at a time.

If you’re food-minded and literate, I’m always looking for talented volunteer writers. Drop me an email at krista [at] healthyfoodbank [dot] com and pitch me some ideas. I’ll entertain any and all suggestions, no matter how weird (in fact, the weirder the better). Health, science, culture, politics, art & literature — whatever ya got.

The only rule is that the ideas have to match the themes. Upcoming issues:


In return we’re happy to feature and promote your work, whether it’s a blog, book, or business. Hit me, guys!