The Fat Loss Prescription with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Stumptuous Podcast
Stumptuous Podcast
The Fat Loss Prescription with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky


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Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is the medical editor of and a licensed practicing Board-certified family and bariatric (weight loss) medicine physician.

While earning a BA in exercise science, he wrestled heavyweight for the UNC Tar Heels, and at one point was ranked in the top 4 of the US.

Now he wrestles poor health on behalf of his clients, particularly those who are struggling with chronic and lifestyle diseases.

Fat Loss Prescription book coverDoc Spencer’s new book, The Fat Loss Prescription, is a simple, clear, readable how-to for patients wanting to make healthier choices and improve their quality of life.

It also explores other issues that can factor in to poor health and excess body fat — such as medication use, sleep, and stress.

You can find Dr. Spencer at:

In this podcast, we explore:

  • Doc Spencer’s formal training and athletic background, and how these play in to his current practice
  • Why having too much body fat can affect people’s quality of life, both metabolically and structurally
  • Is Body Mass Index (BMI) actually a good indicator for health and wellness?
  • Why compassion is the way to go for client care
  • Why he wrote The Fat Loss Prescription
  • Why is excess body fat “not our fault”?
  • What factors are involved in weight loss surgery?
  • Why he tests diets and exercise plans on himself first
  • What happens when people diet too stringently and exercise too much