Speaking of endurance activities…

…and the inspiration they provide, here’s a fun story sent to me by Shaky Man:

Climbers with MS and Parkinson’s Conquer Kilimanjaro

A team of climbers with MS and Parkinson’s disease set out to climb Kilimanjaro to prove that a diagnosis with a neurodegenerative disease doesn’t have to mean the end of your active life or your dreams.

As participant Lori Schneider says:

“When I was first diagnosed with MS I ran away from my life in fear. I left a 22 year marriage, a 20 year teaching career, sold my house, left my community, and tried to run from my MS diagnosis. That changed when I reached the top of the world, becoming the first person with MS to reach the summit of Mount Everest. The idea behind the Kilimanjaro Leap of Faith Adventure was for me to share the lessons I have learned about believing in yourself and following your dreams. I think it’s worked!”

Fancy a little hill climb? Here’s where you can get involved.