School lunches: Viva la revolutione!

No doubt some of you have been following Jamie Oliver’s New Food Revolution. Oh, the horror, the horror. (Somewhat mitigated by the quasi-erotic thrill of dorky-adorable Jamie in a green pea costume.)

I lie awake nights thinking of the pink milk with sugared cereal that the little sunken-eyed, cutlery-less Dickens-workhouse-looking tots are munching. I weep for Britney and her crumbling liver. My hand itches to slap the pointy-headed bureaucrats who decided that French fries were a vegetable and pizza equals two bread servings (and that two white bread servings are somehow good — certainly better than that shite brown rice that that dumbshit know-nothing chef suggests! who the hell does he think he is anyway, all fancypants funny talking? we kicked ur ass in 1776 so you can’t tell us nothing! *high fives*).

Now, from deep in the trenches comes our embedded warrior educator/journalist Ms. Q, who keeps it real and documents the child abuse that comes in a plastic bag, box, and handy snakpak on her blog Fed Up With Lunch.