Bret Contreras is an Ass Man. Sorry, the Glute Guy.

strong-curves-bret-contreras-coverMove over, quads. Shove it, calves. There’s a new lower body hero in town.

Nowhere will you find a more passionate defender of the hip-extending, spine-protecting, pants-holding-up muscle group known as the glutes than this tushophile.

Bret’s made it his life’s work to fight against weak, ineffective, poorly developed glutes, developing some new exercises and reclaiming the back end in the process.

Despite his passion for the posterior chain, he’s gotten himself butt-deep in some hot water. Some months ago, he was asskicked in feminist communities over his gender-based training commentary.

His colleague Jen Sinkler, he says, told him to “get sensitivity training”. (“I love women… I’m a momma’s boy!” Bret protests. But then, he says, “I’m an idiot. I have to learn through trial and error.”)

Still, he soldiers on, muddling through the gender minefields, training hundreds of clients, making their asses look terrific, and defending his methods.

Recently, he published Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body. He also maintains an extensive collection of articles and videos about athletic training, with a focus on the booty.

I caught up with him to talk more about his love for tushes, his EMG studies, his new book, and all things glute.

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Regardless of what you think of his opinions, it’s clear that he’s a huge glute geek and an “endless student of strength training” in all the best ways. What pisses him off? Claims without research, damn it!

Strong glutes mean jumping high, running fast, kicking hard, and moving a barbell real good.

Strong glutes mean jumping high, running fast, kicking hard, and moving a barbell real good.

In this interview, we cover:

  • How training matters despite your genetics
  • How strong glutes protect your lower back
  • Women and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Why athletes need strong glutes, and how to incorporate glute training into a sport training program
  • Just how much shit he got in for his comments on training women
  • His current knowledge obsession — what makes faster, stronger lower bodies?

One thing I did forget to ask was whether his next book would include a truly splendiferous athletic tuchas such as that of Serena Williams…

Click here to hear the interview.