Pirate Girl

Got a great email today:

As a guy who’s not very attracted to the subservient emaciated type, I found the articles I read about your program and yourself pretty interesting and inspiring. Numerous times I’ve had sad conversations with good friends of mine — wonderful strong women — who failed to see how attractive a strong woman can be. To several of them, a man who wanted a strong woman had to be a docile man, into a dominatrix or something.

The idea of the perfect woman being (to quote Sherlock Holmes) “a worthy adversary” and vice versa for a man, seemed to be lost. Ultimately I think you’re doing a great thing for body image, and it seems to be making a difference.

I’m a professional musician out of Austin, TX, and I wrote and recorded a song that sort of outlines the kind of women that I find beautiful. It’s called “Pirate Girl” and I’ve attached it to this email. If you do end up listening to it, I hope you enjoy it.


–Ben Balmer

This email made my day! Check out the song — it’s fun, and contains the “f-word”. If you like Ben’s stuff, check out his page.