New site is up!

Howdy folks! It’s Feb 11, 2009 and I’ve FINALLY gotten the new site up! Yes, it took ages. I tried two other content management systems before settling into WordPress. And boy was there a lot of junk to clean up. Crummy HTML, articles I’d forgotten about, links that had expired… sheesh. It’s like I’ve been doing this for ten years or something.

Did you know there are nearly 200 posts now on Stumptuous? Shazam! And that doesn’t even count blog posts!

There’s still plenty of work to be done, and lots of material to update. I’m sure I’ll be sweeping up all kinds of odds and sods over the next few months. If you catch links that don’t go anywhere or other booboos, please let me know!

OMGBFFA is going to have her own blog, so you can follow her adventures. Newsy tidbits will be posted here in the Stumpblog.

Now you can comment on many posts and start adding your voice to the Stumptuous discussion. Comments will be moderated to ensure the high quality of information and erudite cursing you’ve come to expect from the Stumptuous experience, so don’t let me catch you spamming or otherwise being a butthead.

Welcome to the new! Tastes great. More filling.