Lift Strong Day April 6: Help Cosgrove fight cancer

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing brilliant strength coach and cheerfully foulmouthed verbal abuser of fitness industry idiocy Alwyn Cosgrove for many years. He whupped my ass when I was in California and then he bought me breakfast afterwards. (What a gentleman!) What you may not know about the Angry Scotsman is that not only has he produced some devastatingly well-researched critiques of fitness-industrial complex bullshit, as well as some wicked strong athletes, he’s flipped Death the bird too.

Three years ago Cosgrove survived a bout with cancer. Now he’s raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by selling Lift Strong, an 800-page manual compiled by some of the best brains in the biz. 100% of proceeds go to the L&L Society. April 6 is Lift Strong Day. As Cosgrove says:

a) We’ve got an awesome product available for only $24.99.

b) When people buy the product, all the money raised, every $24.99,  goes to fighting cancer.

c) People are still fighting cancer and the only way they have a chance is through the donations of private individuals.

If you’d like to pick up a copy and help Cosgrove deliver another well-deserved kick in the nards, here’s your chance.