Lazy link collection March 17, 2009

Too lazy to split these little tidbits up into separate posts, so here’s what’s been cluttering up my browser tabs lately.

Is Alzheimer’s diabetes of the brain? My grandfather had advanced Alzheimer’s when he died. My mother’s remaining relatives and I are all on the lookout for the possibility that it may hit us too. Now, a new hypothesis appears to confirm my unscientific theory that the vast majority of common diseases have two causes: sugar and stress. (Prove me wrong, children! Prove me wrong!)

Hagar the Horrible weighs in on the mood-elevating benefits of MMA.

Our sick farms, our infected food: Food production methods that privilege genetically modified monocultures produced on a massive scale, and the emergence of disease.

“Bartendaz” empower youth with acrobatic exercise: Proof that you can build a bodacious, and freakishly strong, bod with almost no equipment besides your own skeleton and a few street signs.

Every woman has an eating disorder: Nobody is immune from the cultural fuckedupness.