Last-minute stocking stuffer! 12 months of Stumptuous!

I’ve just finished two calendars, so you can enjoy Stumptuousy goodness year-round! Wow!

Calendar #1: FIGHTING WORDS. Boxing and grappling training shots. Check it out here.

Calendar #2: STRONG. Hangin’ out in the gym and the alleyway. Check it out here.

No airbrushing, no fake tans, no Tammy Faye makeup, no BS. Just me and some of my leetle friends.


Step into the ring or on the mat with me. Images from my grappling and boxing training.

Calendar 2: STRONG

Join me in the gym (and the alleyway). Sledgehammers, kettlebells, cinder blocks, oh my! (And, of course, the good ol’ squat.)