Kat “Mighty Kat” Ricker

Writer, bodybuilder, and Renaissance woman Kat Ricker (a.k.a. The Mighty Kat) has been training since 1990. Her biggest bodybuilding accomplishments to date were winning first place in the novice division and a strong third in open in OCB 2004, and second place in NPC Oregon State Championships in 2003. Her bodybuilding and fitness articles have appeared in many magazines.

Here, she shares some of her writing. You can read more at www.mightykat.net.

Reverie of a self-confessed gym adventurer (pdf)

Top equipment picks (html)

The art of spotting (pdf)

zen of lifting

By Kat Ricker

I do not understand anger in lifting.

There is no room for emotion in my work.

There is form, fiber direction, aligning the angle of resistance to the fibers. There is blood and oxygen filling the muscle. Core. There is nerve activation, and full muscular contraction. Full range of motion, partial range, full contraction. Core. Eccentric work, the weight of the load as the muscle belly stretches out. Core. Soft knees, core stability, neutral spine, spinal stability – head, chest up, spinal alignment. Breathing. More air.

In all this my awareness is inside, coursing through my blood like nutrients. If there is someone beside me, I do not know it. No other thoughts can survive. Emotion is out of the equation.

I release. Blood and lactic acid swell my limbs. My muscles thrum electric. Rush of elation, taste of bliss, sure fire of victory. Over and over.

As I leave the floor, the warm flood of victory envelopes me, peaked with the pump of my muscles. I am who I want to be. I am my best. My muscles reflect my hard-earned pride. I am not concerned whether anyone else sees my body, engorged and glowing. I am whole again.