How to stop making bullshit excuses

Ah, excuses. The dog ate my homework. The sun was in my eyes. My genes are out to get me. We have a million of ’em. But what if you just set them aside — briefly — to accomplish something? (Then you can go back to them. Enjoy.) This is the premise behind Gym Junkies’ latest challenge: Shredded for Summer.

As Vic Magary writes:

It’s incredibly easy to get motivated to hit your new goal…only to crash and burn a few days later like a sugary energy drink. I put together plenty of motivational tips below, but before you dive in to those you MUST understand what it really takes to hit your goals.

Unlike most fitness gurus out there, I’m not here to lie to you and tell you “this is gonna be easy” or “just take these pills and you won’t need to workout”. I don’t have a magic bullet to sell to you (and neither does anyone else). Real results don’t come from miracle diets, infomercial ab machines or shady weight loss pills. They come from three basic things…

* A good nutrition program that is followed correctly (NO CHEATING!)
* A good training program that emphasizes intensity
* A relentless effort and dedication to your goal

I know that’s not “sexy” or what you probably want to hear, but it’s the TRUTH.

By being a “doer” instead of an excuse maker, you’re one of the few who actually is taking control of your life and paving your own path.  There’s an air of confidence that comes along with taking charge of your life instead of just being along for the ride.

What it boils down to is life is too short to settle for mediocrity.  Do you really want to go through the rest of your life wondering if you could have done better?  Do you really want to just put it on cruise control and coast to the finish line?  You have an obligation to be YOUR BEST SELF.  Do it for yourself, or for your wife, or for your kids, or for whoever means something to you in your life.  Stop making bullshit excuses and commit to 31 days of being your best self.

Hey, what have you got to lose, besides your excuses?