Happy birthday Chuck

From Robb Wolf at Crossfit Norcal, a tribute to Charles Darwin, and Darwin’s influence on his own way of thinking about nutrition.

I’d like to take a moment and shout out to the original Chuck D in three other ways.

1. Follow the evidence. Watch, listen, and observe.  Then evaluate. This is how science is made: not by blindly following “gurus” and “received truths” and “everyone knows”. Everyone knows a lot of dumb, wrong shit.

2. Don’t listen to anyone who wants to make you less than you are, or who pushes you to follow the path that everyone else follows. Darwin’s father wanted him to settle down and become a nice accountant. Had Darwin Jr. listened we would not have had the Origin of Species.

3. The world is full of possibilities. If you eat like our ancestors did, you’ll likely find that you have lots of options. Darwin belonged to a society of hungry biologists that aimed to consume as wide a variety of exotic species as possible. Don’t restrict yourself to hot dogs for life.