Gridiron grrl

I am a 26 year-old (4-year veteran) of the Philadelphia Phoenix Women’s Tackle Football team. I initially began lifting as a way to lose weight after meeting a wonderful man who believed that all women should lift and all women are strong-but they just don’t know it yet. With his help I lost nearly a hundred pounds, and found that under the Krispy Kreme Suit was a super strong kick ass woman.

When I found football I realized that there is a sport that my body is built for. As an Offensive Tackle it’s my job to push people around on the field. I like to believe I am reasonably skilled at it. I travel up and down the east coast of the US from April to June putting my skills up against similarly minded women. It is refreshing to know that there are other women out there who think the same way. In that same vein, I find this website marvelous!

Lifting reinforces that it is more than ok that I do not look like the average woman, and furthermore if anyone wants to give me any lip about it, I could probably kick their ass. It’s a comforting thought.

I also participate in power lifting. I recently placed 1st in the USAPL Push/Pull Nationals in Philadelphia in December. I’ve done one kettlebell meet, and placed 2nd with 113 snatches. That score is something I hope to build on in March with a Girevoy Sport Cross World meet in Philadelphia.

Some other things I’ve learned:

1. Stay with your weights in the gym. There’s always going to be one man who has to see if he can ‘pick up’ what you’re lifting. Turds.

2. Find a good chiropractor, and get in his/her good graces.

3. Good form is everything (see #2).

4. A good female lifting partner is a hard thing to find. If you do find one, buy her lunch every once a while.

5. Anything with a Russian/Turkish-sounding name is probably going to kick your ass. (Cosmonaut sit ups and Turkish Get-Ups come to mind)

6. Yoga isn’t just for flower children. Lifting makes you tight, and a good power yoga class can loosen you right up and keep you lifting another day.

And finally…

7. My fellow tall girls: DO wear heels; it weeds out the ones that can’t handle it!


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