Five-foot female fitness fanatic pins knife-wielding attacker to a wall

When she saw a knifeman repeatedly stab a man in the face and neck before leaving him for dead in the street, Georgina Harmer was appalled. But without a thought for her own safety, the feisty 50-year-old gave chase and grabbed hold of the thug. Then she got him in a headlock, pinned him against a wall and valiantly held on for 10 long minutes until police arrived and arrested him.

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Now personally, I think a guillotine is a much better option here, as a headlock is easy to escape (although arguably a standing guillotine would be equivalently easy unless you could sink it immediately).  OMGBFFA would perhaps argue that a flying armbar would also be awesome, and a move that would cater to the weight difference, but she only thinks that because she did it once to a drunk person in front of a bar. (No dispute that flying anything is wicked, though.)

On the other hand, given that judo only requires 25 sec of pinning, 10 min of dominant positioning in a street-based absolute division is pretty sweet. Two broken thumbs up.

Oh, can we outlaw the use of “feisty”? Is it ever used to describe anyone other than small older women in a “hey that’s cute want a dog biscuit” kind of way? (This is rhetorical. You need not send me examples of alternate usage.)

Thanks to reader Mark for the link!