‘Scuze me Miz Obama, which way to the GUN SHOW?!

I can’t decide what is stupiderer and more trite: the recent media frenzy over using Twitter (hot on the heels of “journalism” that uses MySpace pages as “research”, producing articles such as “Teen Killer Wrote ‘lol lol :-D’ On hots3xxxy69’s Page Before Slaying Mother With Brick; Also Thinks Britney ‘sux omg lololol'”); or the ink that was needlessly spilled in the multiple intellectual ejaculations over Michelle Obama’s arms.

Nevertheless, hey, there could be worse role models than a smart, elegant, politically savvy, buff, well-dressed, highly educated woman of colour who’s apparently a great mother too (and the new BFF of both Oprah and Queen Elizabeth). Thus thanks to reader Amber I bring you First Guns, a blog written from the perspective of Michelle Obama’s arms with lots of good insights on strength and women’s bodies in the media.