Feminist Figure Girl

Ahhh I love when feminists fuck around with expectations.

43-year old University of Alberta art history professor Lianne McTavish, who was once a self-described “dowdy ass-kicking feminist,” has devoted her research and activism to reproductive rights and teaching students about body image in the Renaissance period. Oh yeah, and competing in a figure competition — just because it was there.

Check out her well-written and engaging blog here. It’s full of great lines, such as her contemplation of her future physique career: “Would I become a figure addict, repeatedly drawn to the allure of sparkly tits, slippery muscles, and a purse full of cold, cooked egg whites?”

Naturally, I’m sure that many mainstream media morons and clueless academics alike have already started cackling about how she’s selling out. And hell, maybe she’s selling out like a Wal-Mart whorehouse (sorry, discount store sex worker place of employment). But she’s messing with your head as she does it, isn’t she? Aren’t you already asking yourself some tough questions, like What is a feminist doing in a bikini? and Could her references to Louis XIV possibly be more apropos and droll?

Ha ha! Now you are hooked!