Female powerlifter sets record

Jennifer Thompson, a 130-lb powerlifter, set a new record with her 286 lb bench press at a recent IPF Titan Bench Bash. The record is notable for three reasons: first, it was done “raw”, i.e. with no assistance from equipment such as a bench shirt.

Second, it’s the highest coefficient lift — a lift that’s relative to one’s bodyweight. In this case, Thompson’s coefficient was 2.2, meaning that her bench press was over twice her bodyweight. A 286 bench press is impressive from any woman, but there’s a big difference between 286 from a 220 pound lifter and 286 from a 130 pound lifter.

Third, Thompson doesn’t use a bench arch, a technique where the lifter arches her back off the bench to reduce the distance between bar and chest — often dramatically. It’s a basic, full depth, flat bench press.

Please check out the video and join me in a “holy shit!” high five to Thompson! One of the most striking things in that video is how small she looks relative to the giant dudes spotting her. More proof that lifting heavy does not turn you into a she-beast.

Thanks to Big Dutch Farmboy Ron for the link.