Fasting day #2

I survived fasting day #2 with no problems. I was okay during my conditioning circuit, so I decided to stick around for a little light rolling afterwards. I performed fine, but when I got home I had a little blood sugar moment. I even had crazy nightmares that involved plane crashes and confusion. I should have known to eat more carbs, especially after a long workout at the end of a fast. Lesson learned.

Tonight I am having the most insane nut cravings. I think that, if you put one in front of me, I could eat an entire bowl of pecans. You know what sounds really good right now? Some pecans with dark cocoa powder and a little stevia. Oh god, keep me out of the kitchen.

In “I can’t believe I made such a huge mistake” news, I accidentally left a shopping bag worth $100 on the subway today.  It contained blood oranges,  organic chicken sausages, organic ground chicken, $50 of supplements, and a delicious goat cheese I could actually eat without breaking out into hives. When I got home and discovered that the only things in my backpack were sweaty gym clothes and my laptop, I was REALLY upset. I now choose to interpret the event through the filter of the rest of the world: somebody who might have needed it got good, high quality food and will hopefully see improved post-workout recovery and get a better night’s sleep.

Tomorrow is another day, right?

Down two more pounds since last Thursday.