“Don’t forget about the boys!”

I’ve been getting some great emails from dudes lately. It seems that the Gospel of Stumptuous is spreading far and wide, and the manpeople are also finding it useful.

Check out Izaac’s transformation on the reader mail page. He reminded me that guys deal with a lot of body-image bullshit and bad fitness advice too. And he¬†adds:

People are motivated, and often times desperate to make changes in their lives and end their suffering, so they put all this power into the hands of one person or product which becomes their only hope, and when it fails, hopelessness sets in and it becomes a vicious cycle. ¬†Because sooner or later they start chasing some other fad bullshit person who’s trying to sell them something.

Many of these people start to take action and matters into their own hands only after being severely disappointed time and time again, and I think it’s people like you and a handful of others out there who make a huge difference for so many motivated people who have reached a breaking point.

A 56-year old male Master’s track and field athlete who is rehabbing an injury using some of my tips said: “Thanks so much for encouraging us old farts, male or female.”

And finally, I’m hearing from lots of male trainers who are also using Fuck Calories with their clients.

Way to go guys! Spread the good word! And you are all welcome in the House that Stumptuous Built.