What’s your best body fat?

This is probably the most common thing a coach hears from a new client: I want to lose weight. If they’re athletic, or understand the difference between muscle and fat,¬†perhaps that client might say: I want to get leaner. Whether male or female, newbie or veteran, the vast majority of coaching clients — indeed, the […]

PCOS Unlocked: Interview with Stefani Ruper

Stefani Ruper is the author of PCOS Unlocked: The Manual, a guide to polycystic ovary syndrome, a health issue that many women struggle with — without even realizing. In a Stumptuous Files podcast, I talk to Stefani about the value of ancestral-style diets, women and body image, her experience with disordered eating, her work on PCOS, and the F-work — feminism — in the “Paleosphere”.

Don’t fear the testosterone

If you’ve learned anything from this site, it should be that weight training won’t make women into huge muscle-beasts. Why not? It has to do with a little molecule called testosterone. You have it, just not lots of it. Learn more about how it works with guest biochemistress OMGBFFA.