Anti-obesity ad shocks New Yorkers

Hard to imagine New Yorkers can be shocked by anything, but whatever.

A glass of thick, yellow human fat, marbled with blood vessels, is the latest weapon in America’s war on obesity.

The new shock adverts, which are accompanied by the words “Are you pouring on the pounds?”, target the billions of hidden calories which Americans consume each year in sodas and other sugary drinks.

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That is pretty gross, but arguably not as gross as our insides after drinking that crap.

I for one celebrate truth in advertising. Thus I look forward to the “Are You Risking Massive Internal Bleeding? Plavix — I Can’t Believe It’s Not Vioxx!”; “Are You Enjoying Your Muscle Damage? Feel the Lipitor Magic!”; and “Are You Still On The Road? If So, Count Yourself Lucky — Hang Up The Phone And Drive, Asshat” ads.