Another satisfied Stumptuous customer

From reader Katie M:

A couple years back you taught me how to do a pull-up and I sent you a video. You wouldn’t believe how my worldview changed after that first pull-up. I began to think there was nothing I couldn’t do, and I started acting accordingly — flipping tractor tires, climbing ropes, swinging sledge hammers.

Now, I have become a full-fledged, honest-to-goodness powerlifter. At a whopping 130 lbs and towering 5’3″, I squatted 308.5 lbs in competition last Saturday, breaking a state record for my age and weight. [KSD note: Holy SHIT!!]

Again, I offer you a video of my deeds.

I’m stronger and healthier than just about any woman I know. I plan, now, to live forever.

I just wanted you to know what you started. I still read your blog every day. You rawk.

Thank you for the years of inspiration,